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Out & Equal blog turned 5 today!
Time to celebrate!

Out & Equal blog turned 5 today!
Time to celebrate!

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Films showcase lifestyle - A Talk about Sci-fi movies

Today, I wanted to write something unique, something different, something that portrays lifestyle directly to people. Yes, if you’ve guessed it already, its about movies. Talk about movies today, instantly you’ll imagine the technology behind the screens. Yes, technology has created a major change to our lifestyle. There are many products created with the help of technology. In each and every field technology plays a pivot role in creating many wonders. In the film industry technology has helped to create many advanced visuals and wonders. The science fiction movies are one of my personal favorites. I like it because you can never imagine the visuals of the movie because it is a sheer imagination of the director which hits the screens.

Recently I came across a pre-production of a  Science fiction (or Sci-fi) film named Planets in Peril. I wanted to blog about this for the very reason that technology has changed the way we think about lifestyle and also the way we think about life outside planet earth. From age old Sci-fi movies to recent ones, man has constantly evolved to a higher understanding of the “world” out there and what might be currently happening there.

Coming to this movie, There were few sketches of the characters by few artists and it was simply stunning. Outer world Lifestyle defined, indeed! Take a look at this concept art -  


Stunning, isn’t it?! I am happy to see that we are able to create and bring out a realistic imagination to life outside. With the help of modern technologies I see there is a drastic change in visuals when it comes to Sci-fi movies. “Planets in Peril” is a concept which symbolizes the dark forces which rule some of the planets. In present lifestyle people want to visualize something new while they hit the screens and latest technologies help directors to satisfy the viewers.

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Customize your t-shirts online

In our present lifestyle we are able to achieve anything within seconds thanks to the advanced technology. We are able to lead as sophisticated lifestyle and we can get everything by sitting at home. We are able to customize everything according to our needs and interest. You can even customize your clothes and apparels with your favorite characters and designs. These customization help you to create your own identity in the world.
The t-shirt printing is very common these days since you can immediately get your t-shirts with your favorite design or fonts. There are many online t-shirt printing studios that help you to customize your clothes sitting at home. There are many designs from which you can choose your favorite one and place a t-shirt printing. The customization options are available for t-shirt and hoodies. When we are planning a family trip these kind of customization help you to create a family t-shirt which will help you to show your identity to the world. You can avail bulk discounts and free shipping on your purchase in online stores.

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